Daytime Reveal

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Product Description

Introducing “Daytime Reveal,” the perfect firework to add a burst of excitement to your gender reveal celebration! This 200g, 16-shot firework is designed for daytime revelry, ensuring your special moment is marked with color and joy. The shots ascend straight up, creating a striking display that captures everyone’s attention.

With a duration of 25 seconds, “Daytime Reveal” extends the thrill, allowing everyone to savor the anticipation. The medium volume ensures a celebratory atmosphere without overwhelming the surroundings.

What makes “Daytime Reveal” truly special is the option to choose between pink or blue colors, allowing you to keep the gender a secret until the big reveal. Whether it’s a boy or a girl, this firework promises to make your celebration unforgettable.

Celebrate this significant moment in style with “Daytime Reveal,” where the sky becomes the canvas for your joy. Choose your color, count down the seconds, and let the magic unfold as you share the exciting news with family and friends.

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